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Experience the raw intensity of The Sadder but Wiser Boy, an award-winning film that cuts to the heart of a fraught, co-dependent friendship. In San Francisco, Dallas (Daryl Della) and Lando (Lorenzo Ocon) navigate a tumultuous bond, where Dallas's cunning clashes with Lando, a gullible yet volatile man-child. As Dallas's plan to help Lando lose his virginity unfolds, they embark on a journey filled with regret, resilience, and revelations.


Blending raunchy humor and stark humanity,  and mirroring Daryl's real-life escapades with Lorenzo, this film offers a candid glimpse into a bond fortified by relentless hazing. Della's win as Best Director and Actor*, alongside accolades for Lorenzo Ocon**, Sasha Boggs†, Rich Castromayor‡, and Daniel Cruz's cinematography§, underscores the film's artistic and emotional depth.


Dollars & Donuts Productions presents a true-life confessional masquerading as a short film that proves that maybe the real friends were the hookers we met along the way.

Bonus Features:

• Outtakes

• Original Trailer

• “Real Boy” Music Video - David Quintanilla feat. Lorenzo Ocon & Sasha Boggs

• Crime Squad: Pervert Division - Full scene starring Tom Arnold

• 2022 Premiere Event Promo - Trailer for Dollars & Donuts last Bay Area premiere

• Dollars & Donuts Is Dead. Long Live Dollars & Donuts! - Intro to the 2022 Premiere

• Still Walking (2015) - Remastered short film

• Jumping Jacks with “Weird Al” Yankovic (2015)

• “Pretenzo” Music Video (2009) - Remastered from the original tapes

• 2015 Vegas trip - Footage from the trip that inspired parts of the film

• Fear & Lozo In Las Vegas - Previously unreleased LozoTV video, (too hot for Youtube!) featuring another film-inspiring trip to Las Vegas

• Life with Lozo - Unreleased LozoTV video

• Lozo 'R' Us - Another classic LozoTV video


* Winner - White Vulture Film Festival - Best Supporting Actor: Daryl Della, Best Director: Daryl Della

**Winner - Oil Valley Film Festival - Outstanding Achievement in Lead Acting: Lorenzo Ocon

†Winner - Sin City Film Festival - Best Supporting Actress: Sasha Boggs

‡Winner - Best Damn Film Awards - Best Supporting Actor: Rich Castromayor

§Winner - Best Damn Film Awards - Best Cinematogrphy: Daniel Cruz

The Sadder but Wiser Boy - Blu-Ray

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