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Order the new 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray and see Oldtimers like never before, with a brand new 4K remaster and 5.1 surround sound.


Hank (Henry T. Della), an 85-year-old man who is fed up with the world, decides to sell off his prescription medication to dealers for extra cash. When things don’t go as planned, he enlists the aid of his two old buddies Jack (Jack Lewkowitz, A Lovely Place To Die) and Ed (Ed Kayser), to help get his pills back and to teach a harsh lesson to some young punks.


Directed by Daryl Della, Oldtimers is a laugh-filled, action-packed short film with a western-inspired original score by Arbel Bedak, and a powerhouse performance by Ray Revello (The Alibi) as thug leader Julio. Also featuring Donald Flores and Emmanuel Diego as the drug-dealing thugs.


Ain’t it Cool News called it “A damn fun little film, and the fact that it was shot in a weekend is nothing short of impressive.”, and Film School Rejects praised the Hank Della penned screenplay with “It’s funny, interesting work that shows off a great script.”

Oldtimers 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray

  • Pre-Order. Shipping May 2022.

  • • HD Presentation from the brand new upscaled 4K Remaster

    • NEW 2:1 aspect ratio opening up the image for more height without sacrificing the cinematic widescreen

    • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound 

    • NEW Mix created exclusively for the Blu-ray

    • Commentary - featuring Henry T. Della, Jack Lewkowitz, Ed Kayser, & Donald Flores

    • Orignal Trailer - Original preview for the film from 2012

    • 10th Anniversary Trailer - NEW preview for the film

    • Outtakes - 16 minutes of hilarious bloopers from the film

    • Click... Click... Click: The Making of Oldtimers - 20-minute documentary giving a behind-the-scenes look at the film

    • Commentary Recording Session Footage - Behind-the-scenes of the Blu-ray special feature

    • Stagnation (2012) - A stagnant man is gifted a magical television by a mysterious stranger. Short film starring Daryl Della, Michael Martin, and Henry T. Della.

    • It's Over (2013) - Johnny can't find a job. Short film starring Michael Martin and Efrosini Constant.

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