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Step into a world of childhood imagination run wild with "Frosty Comics #1," where the mischievous spirit of playtime adventures leaps off the page. Created by Daryl Della and his brother Tyler Della, this issue marks the spectacular return of Frosty Bear and his zany cohorts,  reimagined from the original games played with the brothers' stuffed animals.


In "Mr. Popeye Goes to Washington," drawn first in 2001 and spectacularly redrawn in 2022, our unlikely heroes embark on a riotous journey to the nation's capital. Join Jasper Binglehorse, the hobo imposter of the sailor man himself, and Yak, a dead-eyed, pain-loving oddball with a peculiar mission, as they cause uproarious chaos from the steps of the Capitol to the peak of the Washington Monument. Frosty, a maniacal three-year-old polar bear with a penchant for trouble, leads the charge with his hilarious antics. It's like a much more violent and rude version of Winnie the Pooh – uncensored and unapologetically bold.


But that's not all – this first issue also delves into the origins of the Frosty Show and its characters. With personal essays and commentary by Daryl, fans are given a rare glimpse into the creative process that transformed private childhood games into a comical masterpiece.


Accompanied by original gag strips from Daryl's high school days and a few classic "Walker Dog Ranger" strips from 1998, "Frosty Comics #1" is a treasure trove of nostalgia, humor, and unfiltered imagination. Prepare for a journey back to the days of unfettered creativity – grab your copy and join the ruckus in Washington D.C.!

Frosty Comics #1

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