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Dive into the gritty world of "Frank Barnett: Private Detective #1," where danger and mystery lurk on every page. Jacob Chabot's compelling cover art is just a prelude to the dark and thrilling ride crafted by the creative minds of Daryl Della and Ray Revello. Follow Frank Barnett as he tracks down the elusive Golden Hoot, navigating through a maze of deceit and treachery, depicted in vivid detail by Mac Radwanski's artistry, with rich inks and colors by Stas Groshev painting the stark reality of the detective's perilous world.


But the intrigue doesn't end there—join the indomitable Jack Knife as he returns in "Two Heads Are Better Than None." His sharp wits and Wayne Lowden's sharper art, highlighted by Fahriza Kamaputra's dynamic colors, deliver an adventure that's as visually striking as it is narratively engaging.


"Frank Barnett: Private Detective #1" is a double dose of detective dynamite, packing a one-two punch of thrilling narratives and stunning visuals. Grab your copy and immerse yourself in a world where detectives are as tough as the mysteries they unravel, and heroes come with a sharp tongue and an even sharper knife.

Frank Barnett: Private Detective #1

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