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Step into the vibrant world of Dollars & Donuts Showcase #2, where each page crackles with the energy of fresh narratives and vivid illustrations. The cover, a visual feast by Diego Toro, wraps a collection of stories that are both a continuation and a revelation of characters beloved and new.


"Oldtimers Bring Hell - Part One" revs up the engine for a high-octane sequel to the 2012 hit, Oldtimers. Hank and Jack are back, but this time they're up against a new crew seeking to usurp the throne of South San Francisco. Penned by Daryl Della and inspired by the exploits of his late grandpa, this gritty narrative spans two issues and is brought to life with the dynamic artwork of Samir Simão, enriched with the palettes of WEM 7 and Daniele Caramanico.


In "Lo, There Shall Be a Bitch," we peel back the layers of Barbara Biche's transformation into the formidable Dr. Bitch. This origin story, straight from the creative mind of Sasha Boggs, the actress behind the character, and rendered in Valeria Burzo's art with Daniele Caramanico's colors, provides a tantalizing glimpse into the making of an icon from Night Dicks: Miami.


"Jack Knife in 'Jack on the Rocks'" ascends to thrilling heights as the eponymous hero faces a perilous mission on the Matterhorn. Crafted by Daryl Della and Wayne Lowden with Fahriza Kamaputra's rich colors, this tale combines the sharpness of wit with the edge of danger.


The enigma deepens in "The Golden Hoot - Part Two," as Frank Barnett's quest grows ever more perilous. Facing off against the seedy underbelly of crime, Barnett's story, woven by Daryl Della & Ray Revello, continues to captivate, with Mac Radwanski's detailed pencils and Stas Groshev's vibrant inks and colors.


Prepare for a dose of canine comedy with "Walker Dog Ranger in 'Too Close for Comfort', penned by Hank Della and brought to life through Daryl Della's illustrations.


Rounding out the issue, "Chris Ross Dating Tips: 'Tall, Dark, and Dumb'" offers a comedic reprieve with Chris Ross' tongue-in-cheek script and Alfredo Torres' expressive art.


Dollars & Donuts Showcase #2 is more than a comic book—it's a collection of journeys, each unique, all converging in a celebration of storytelling. Grab your physical copy and let these pages transport you into the exhilarating world of Dollars & Donuts.

Dollars & Donuts Showcase: Vol. 2, No. 2