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It’s love, Dollars & Donuts style, when the crew teams up with science-fiction writer Scott Nelson to create one of their most twisted tales yet!


On their way to a dinner party, Cal Williams (Mitchell Martin, After the Jack) and his wife Cassie (Brittany Cairo) argue over Cal’s flirty ways and his obsession with their friend Mandy (Kayla Emerson). Mandy is engaged to Cal’s co-worker Paul Kirchner (Ray Revello, Shadows in the Snow) making the situation all the more awkward when they arrive at the couple’s new home. All their lives are about to change as conversation over dinner reveals crucial details about the past of the couple’s relationship.


Director Daryl Della blends equal parts relationship drama and sci-fi cult mayhem as only he and the Dollars & Donuts crew can. Produced by Michael Martin and featuring an incredible title song by Robert Ruby, A Lust for Time is the award-winning* short film that will send you reeling!


* Awards:

  • 2022 Global Shorts Winner: Award of Excellence
  • 8 & Halfilm Awards: Best Sci-Fi
  • Stanley Film Awards: Best International Short Film
  • Sweet Democracy Film Awards: Best Sci-Fi & Best Actor: Mitchell Martin
  • Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards: Best Director: Daryl Della & Best Narrative Short Film
  • New York Neorealism Film Awards: Best Director: Daryl Della, Best Cinematography, & Best Sci-Fi
  • Swedish International Film Festival: Best Supporting Actor: Ray Revello & Best Supporting Actress: Kayla Emerson
  • Only the Best Film Awards: Best Poster & Best Sci-Fi Short Film
  • 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival: Best Science Fiction
  • Romance & Relationships Festival: Best Direction: Daryl Della

A Lust for Time Blu-Ray

  • • HD Presentation from 6K Master

    • 5.1 Surround Sound

    • Original Trailer

    • A Lust for Leave-In Conditioner - The cast & crew argues over hair care products

    • Behind the Scenes - Footage from the set of A Lust for Time

    • Ray’s Photo Shoot - Instagram Live video featuring Ray modeling for prop photos

    • Creating the Poster - Timelapse footage of Daryl Della’s painting process

    • Dollars & Donuts Extravaganza Promo - Preview for the 2021 Premiere Event

    • Dollars & Donuts Extravaganza Intro - Meet the stars of the Dollars & Donuts Extravaganza in the style of a certain weekly comedy show

    • Premiere Footage - Bootleg footage from the Dollars & Donuts Extravaganza

    • Daryl Della Theme Song - Composer Jake Hull immortalizes Daryl through song

    • Becker Von Felsburg Theme Song - Composer Jake Hull immortalizes Becker through song

    Celebrity Dreamphone (2022) - Commercial parody directed by Daryl Della and featuring Sasha Boggs, Lea’h Sampson, Kirsten Della, and Tom Arnold.

  • Ships within 1-2 days

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