Hank, an 85-year-old man who is fed up with the world, decides to sell his medication to dealers for extra cash.

When things don’t go as planned, he seeks help from his friends, Jack and Ed, to get his pills back and to teach a harsh lesson to a few young punks.


Directed & Edited by Daryl Della

Executive Producers: Daryl Della, Michael Martin
Producers: Ray Revello, Chris Cairo

Story by Daryl Della and Chris Cairo
Screenplay by Daryl Della & Ray Revello and Hank Della

Original Score Composed by Arbel Bedak


Henry Della as Hank

Jack Lewkowitz as Jack

Ed Kayser as Ed

Ray Revello as Julio

Donald Flores as Thug 1

Emmanuel Diego as Thug 2

Brian Grima as Pharmacist

Ann Lewkowitz as Ann

Tyler Della as Alley Kid

Hank Della as Dog-Walking Man

Nina Della as Dog-Walking Woman

Daryl Della as Man on Phone

Noodles as Himself



Ain't It Cool News

"A damn fun little film that I think you guys and gals ought to get a kick out of and the fact that it was shot in a weekend is nothing short of impressive."

"It’s funny, interesting work that shows off a great script (and an opening that fantastically homages The Big Lebowski)."

"We think Brett’s roots music tradition fits this gritty story of an 85-year-old who decides to teach some young punks a lesson perfectly."


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