Detectives Slade McKlosky and Rochester Black are in for one dog of a case as they try to solve their latest mystery. They soon figure out they're on the lookout for a perilous pooch and it's not going to be easy to find him. They immediately find him, but this canine conundrum isn't over yet! Oh wait, yeah that's the end. Spoiler alert.


Directed & Edited by Daryl Della
Written by Daryl Della & Becker Von Felsburg

Becker Von Felsburg as Rochester Black
Brandon Reed as Slade McKlosky
Brian Grima as Crime Scene Investigator
Chris Ross as Detective Hickey
Kirsten Della as Victim
Yurie Hoyoyon as Narrator
Slade Lewis as Police Chief
Sarah Garand as Bartender
Daryl Della as Himself/Desmond's Body
Christopher Tester as Desmond's Voice
Kelley Wehman as Herself
Merle as Desmond's Head
Simon as Transmogrified Slade
Augie as Transmogrified Rochester

Stunt Driver: Richard Castromayor
Visual Effects: Daryl Della
Dog Handler: Hank Della

Green Screen Process Shots filmed at Bernhardt Studio, Palo Alto, CA

Special Thanks: Bernard Bernhardt

Filmed partially on location at Wine Down, San Francisco, CA.

Special Thanks: Sarah Garand & Jaime Hiraishi

Shot on Panasonic GH5


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