Brutal. Ruthless. Deadly. He's flawed that way...

When Deke Trenton gets paroled after six years of false imprisonment, he begins his mission of finding out exactly who sent him to jail. After a painful interrogation of an old "friend", he gets the shocking news: his own brother, Bennie, was behind the frame-up. Deke also finds out that his wife, Chelsea, is under the influence of notorious pimp, Sweet William. Now, it's up to Deke to get Chelsea back and deal with his brother's betrayal.


Directed by Daryl Della

Executive Producers: Daryl Della, Michael Martin

Producers: Ray Revello, Chris Cairo

Written by Hank Della

Music by Arbel Bedak


Michael Martin as Deke

Mitchell Martin as Bennie

Chris Cairo as Sweet William

Lorenzo Ocon as Johnny Boy

Del Lostaunau as Li'l Mike

Katie Greggans as Chelsea

Emmanuel Diego as Eman

Ryan Wahlstrom as Big Mike

Robyn Von Lee as Robyn

Ed Kayser as Homeless Bum

Gino Vigil as The Surgeon


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