Frank Muntz has been experiencing hallucinations of hunting down and killing his child's murderer, and now they won't stop. No one can help him. Not his wife. Not his doctor. Not even the liquid devil. For Frank Muntz, there is No Pill For Regret.


Directed & Edited by Daryl Della

Produced by Michael Martin
Written by Hank Della
Music by Thomas VanOosting 

Gino Vigil as Frank Muntz
Sasha Boggs as Eve Muntz
Tyler Della as the Waiter
Daryl Della as News Anchor
Nick Friedland as Flashback Victim
Brian Grimas as Pharmacist
Jack Lewkowitz as Doctor
Chris Whyte as Bartender
Hank Della, George Martin, & Francis Nand as Barflies

Drone Pilot: Michael Martin
Lighting: Mitchell Martin, Chris Whyte, & Brian Grima
Sound: Michael Martin, Mitchell Martin, & Chris Whyte
Hair & Makeup: Kirsten Della
Craft Services: Kirsten Della

Documentarian: Chris Whyte
ADR Sound Engineer: Eric Rennaker
Foley Artists: Daryl Della & Kirsten Della

"I Just Thought You'd Like to Know" performed by Johnny Cash
©1959 All Rights Reserved. Used under license with The Music Bed, LLC.

Shot on Canon C300 and Panasonic GH4


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