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Dollars & Donuts

The People of

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Daryl Della

Director / Editor

Founded Dollars & Donuts Productions in 2003 by directing his first film, Ninja Killface. With Michael Martin, he relaunched the production company in 2011 with Dead Right. Daryl has directed and edited nearly all of Dollars & Donuts’ films, appearing infrequently onscreen.

Michael Martin

Executive Producer

Partnered with Daryl to relaunch Dollars & Donuts Productions in 2011, bringing his attention to detail and meticulous planning to the filmmaking process. Michael produces nearly all of Dollars & Donuts’ films, can be seen as various characters on screen, and has taken on a new role with his directorial debut Dreamboy (2021),


Ray Revello

Actor Extraordinaire

A major part of Dollars & Donuts Productions since its inception, Ray has appeared in the most films of all the Dollars & Donuts crew. He has also been invaluable behind the scenes, handling various duties from lighting to sound recording on many productions.


Becker Von Felsburg

The Star

An excellent character actor who has been a part of Dollars & Donuts since appearing in the unfinished film The Golden Hoot in 2006. In recent years, Becker has become as much a force of nature behind the camera as he is in front, taking on lighting and producing.


Mitchell Martin

Production Crew / Actor

Joining the Dollars & Donuts team alongside his brother Michael as a star of Dead Right, Mitch is an essential part of the crew on every film. Mitch assists production from recording audio, to lighting, to building sets. As Mitch himself puts it, he’s there to fix Michael’s mistakes.


Kirsten Della

Production Crew

Daryl’s wife who is the behind-the-scenes virtuoso of Dollars & Donuts Productions. From cooking meals for the crew, to running for essential props, to outright building a set in their garage, Kirsten manages to make Dollars & Donuts possible - and look good while doing it!


Sasha Boggs

Actress / Producer

A comedienne with a musical flair, Sasha can do it all. She has brought to life many different Dollars & Donuts characters (and impressively, not all of them were bitches!), choreographed large dance numbers, and even has become a proficient producer, organizing multiple complicated short film productions.


Richard Castromayor

Cameo Artist / Savage

An appearance by Rich is one of the touchstones of a Dollars & Donuts picture, dating back to Daryl Della's very first film made in high school in 2003. Whenever a scene needs that extra something special, Rich will be there to expertly deliver some perfectly timed comedy. 

Gino Vigil


Gino brings his well-honed dramatic skills to every film he appears in. He has played many different roles in Dollars & Donuts Productions, showing off his great range as a hero, villain, and comedic character actor.

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Chris Ross

Actor / "Scientist"

An actor who joined the team in 2013 by lending his talents to A Lovely Place to Die. Chris Ross has since become one of the more prolific actors in the troupe, appearing in many films. He is also a gifted idea man, creating, writing, and hosting the web series Chris Ross Dating Tips.


Lorenzo Ocon

Actor / Writer

Chaos incarnate, Lorenzo brings an incredible energy to every role, and an uneasy feeling to every set. He also writes his own shorts, penning the incredibly personal Still Walking, in which he also stars. Frequently heckled by his arch-nemesis, Rich, Lorenzo makes explosive anger hilarious.

Brian Grima

Production Crew

An indispensable part of the team, Brian lends a hand behind the scenes performing various duties. Quick with a good idea or with his catchphrase, “That’s broken...”, Brian also appears onscreen occasionally in his recurring role of the vampire pharmacist.


Jack Lewkowitz


Rising to prominence in his breakout role in 2012’s Oldtimers, Jack has become a mainstay of Dollars & Donuts Productions. His naturalistic and commanding performances lend credibility to the team. Jack also plays “Mr. Rooker,” the seedy character who ties the Dollars & Donuts universe together, appearing in multiple films.


Hank Della


Daryl’s father whose twisted stories and unique voice for dialogue shaped the Dollars & Donuts personality and style. Hank tragically passed away in 2019, but his legacy lives on in every film the team creates.

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